Saturday, April 10, 2010

I love doors

I do. I should clarify. I love old, wood doors. Or new wood doors made to look old.
I like to think about the people those doors have welcomed; the couples coming across the threshold into their new home. The midwives hurrying in to help bring new lives into the world, all the points in between. People used to put their heart and soul into building their doors. It is obvious still when you see one.
Metal or fiberglass just don't cut it for me.


  1. Oh yes. That is an awesome door.

    I live in a very old house and I sometimes think about that has happened inside my home. The lives, the birth, death, drama, love, and laughter.

  2. Just came across your great blog. Me too, I love old doors and to think about who has crossed the threshold of a door. Thanks for the inspiration.