Friday, August 26, 2011


It's on the move. The light that is. Appearing in different spaces in our home. Showing up not unexpectedly. For this begins the marking of the change of seasons for me....not in the goldenrod and asters coming into their own, not in the smell of warm coffee in the cool mornings, but in the changing of the light. And so begins the the circle of another season. It is upon us.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lesson learned - again

Take one trip cut short due to a sick pet. Add one freshly cut key that wasn't doing it's job. Multiply by the speed of a storm moving in. Where does this get you? Hmmm. In the middle of a lake in a leaky canoe using Adirondack chair armrests for paddles. Righty-o.

And what lesson was learned? Well, sometimes things don't go as planned. But when you are given the opportunity to get out of town and hang out by a lake, you make the best of things. And what an empowering feeling that is. I am almost glad our day played out in the way it did.
p.s this is a picture from last summer at the very same spot. When things went according to plan.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love the one you're with

I try. I really do try. But, hmmm, how do I say this without sounding ungrateful? City living is getting me down. And it has for awhile. Yet, here we are....still. We are all healthy. We have a roof over our head and food on our table. I get to earn a living without leaving our home and while raising my girls. But it still feels like a very important part of me is becoming smaller and smaller as each year passes.

I try and stem the flow. I grow a little bit in order to preserve a little bit.
But I want more. I want wide open skies. And quiet nights.
And I want less. I want less to be more.
Yes I do.

Monday, August 15, 2011

On this day....

that finds me back into the everyday routine after two weeks of none. And iPhoto not agreeing with my decision to include pictures in this post. Not to mention the rain clouds that persist and the amount of weeding that is staring me in the face, I am choosing to focus on how happy I feel every time I open my trusty book on Preserving and finding pictures drawn oh so many years ago now by my most favorite middle girl ever.
So, happy Monday my friends.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog days

It seems the dog days of summer are upon us. I know that this phase of the summer season fills many with a sense of purpose...a sense of enjoying the remaining days of warmth...creating memories of happy sunny times to help them through the cold and colder seasons to come. I am not one of those people. While I do make every effort to enjoy the bounty that is summer, I have never, and concievably never will lament the passing of the hot summer days. For I, as I may have mentioned once or twice before, am a steadfast cold weather aficianado.
And the sight of this beautiful yellow basswood leaf floating in the wading pool filled me with joy.
For I am not wishing the summer away. I am quietly laying in wait, for my time. A time of cooler temperatures, beautiful shades of reds and yellows and oranges. And then...white.

And with this change in the air, my energy is slowly being restored. The heat it seems, does not work with the February baby blood flowing through my veins. I do try. I spend early morning and evening hours outside. I eat copious amounts of berries and ice cream. I enjoy my garden. I wade when possible and fully submerge too. But my thoughts are focused on the future.
I can't help it.