Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Treading water

These are the words that can easily describe our days. I realize that these words have a seemingly negative slant to them, but that is not how they are intended. It is more like we are drifting through our new routines and have yet to find our groove. This is not to say we won't. I see it forming. Little glimpses throughout our day - still off in the distance, but getting closer all the time.
And worrying won't change anything. Patience will. Right?!


  1. I have always thought and gone with the view, "that one is meant to be doing ,what one is meant to be doing".
    This allows for rest that is needed and other thoughts to come in.
    If you surrender to living in the now, it makes life a bit easier.
    One is not always searching for something that might,should happen.
    What is meant to be happening in your life and journey is happening now,

    Love and light Marie

  2. Faith and patience is pretty much our remedy for everything...speech delays, annoying phases of development, the waiting to get our house in all just happens in such small steps, that yes, you feel that you're treading water! But in the midst of all the treading, you get closer and closer to...wherever you're going!

  3. Success is all about patience. Some days are better then others. Uncertainty is part of success. If there wasn't any uncertainty then there wouldn't be any success. To be successful with something means you had to deal with uncertainty.

    -Zane of ontario honey