Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Garden planning

As it is for many others like me out there, I find myself spending more time than I have in awhile staring out the window at the canvas that is my yard. Invasive shrub removal here, native bittersweet vine planting there....raised beds along the side of the house for tomatoes.....a living roof planted on the garage. So many ideas, so little time to implement them.
I love the garden that I have created around my home. When we bought our house, there was nothing but lawn and mud around it. Not there is no more room. Everything will need to be divided this year. Something has got to give...hmmmm, I know...maybe the driveway.

1 comment:

  1. The driveway for sure! I think I left my bones in Calgary... hopefully they catch up soon. I really would like to plant my tomato seeds in the next few days, but need my bones to do so.... our first time growing them from seed! Exciting times. Sophie wants to grow corn too. Maybe I'll use this boneless state to try to figure out online how one goes about growing corn. Enjoying your blog!!