Friday, March 5, 2010 that you?

It is impossible to believe, yet everyday I find myself getting closer to believing. A certain amount of me is skeptical, the rest of me is getting really close to peeling the plastic off our windows and cracking them open. I have been drying laundry on the line all this week, woolens are being washed and put away slowly, I am fighting the urge to start the spring clean. Could it be spring actually on our doorstep? Or are we being lulled into a false sense of security only to be ambushed by another dose of winter? Time will tell.

It is a reassuring thing to mark the path of the sun through the house...early morning in the living room, late day in the kitchen. This is the same path I will walk everyday as I move little seedlings in time with the sun (we have no south facing windows that do the job). Hazel and I have planned our garden based on her favorite book at the moment called "The Gigantic Turnip" by Aleksei Tolstoy...although turnips are not a veggie of choice for her, so we will stick to the others; potatoes, beans, peas and carrots.

I do so love the change of seasons.
Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I've bought my seeds last weekend... and had ambitions to get them planted this weekend, but it won't happen. Maybe next weekend. I'm not sure how it will go. This will be our first year starting a few things indoors from seed. Exciting stuff. Sophie wants to grow corn - it'll be interesting to see how some of the neighbours react to our front lawn corn crop. I suspect the racoons and squirrels will get it, but it's all about the adventure :)

    We're going to put the clothes out to dry this week too - can't wait to smell line-dried clothes.

    Bikes, scooters and sidewalk chalk put in their first long afternoon appearance yesterday. Spring is here for now :)

  2. I don't think that Winter will be back anytime soon..Today I was out in just a tanktop and a sweater. I'm really hoping the warm weather will stick around! :)
    xo R