Monday, May 24, 2010

A recurring theme.

Maybe it is the time of year....maybe it is the age of my girls....maybe it is me....who knows. All I know is that I find myself photographing the shadows on a fairly regular basis these days. I feel like I can't sit still, because most of the time I can't.
It feels like there is always so much swirling through my brain that if I stop for a minute I may forget something that I really shouldn't forget. Like, Abbey's got work or soccer tonite. Raine's babysitting or doing homework (yeah right) at Anna's. Who is home for dinner. I need to water the wilting garden. If we don't get rain soon I will need to hook up the hose and use processed water.
Up until this point I think I must have had it easy. I was on top of it all....precariously perched obviously. We have never been a family that has every moment occupied with different activities. I have tried to maintain time for quiet play while still meeting everyone's request for one extra activity. So, can someone please let me know how to maintain a simple life when there are 5 people covering a wide age range who all need such seemingly different things. Please don't tell me to read a book and buy a "mama's organizer" calendar.


  1. I think sometimes our lives just turn into pure chaos, and we just need to go with the flow...even if it is pulling us in all directions, it's what we moms just do...I hope you can find peace in some moments of your those shadows you love to photograph...and a deep breath or two to boot.
    I feeling empathy for you...I've been there, and continue to get caught up in the chaos every now and then as life so often demands!
    Hoping you will have some peace!

  2. I posted a comment on this post when you first posted it (how many times can I say Post in one sentence?)...
    In response to your query on my blog this am...we had a great thunder storm last night and today there's a newly washed, clean cool breeze blowing through the house. To ths, I say, "Hallelujah!!"