Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days....from pretty much the point of my feet hitting the floor until said feet were lifted off the floor. A tired mama battling a spring cold, a little girl still adjusting to different phases of light in her room, the two eldest being difficult about rain jackets of all things and the lone wolf preoccupied with work and thus not giving his best game.
Luckily I have been practicing trying to guide our day by adjusting my attitude. When something starts to feel like it is going off the rails I stop for a second and try to find the joy in it. Well, maybe joy is too strong a word. More like a positive spin. So, yesterday morning while out for a walk I decided to walk a different route. Yup, living on the edge is what I do. In doing so I came across this lovely piece of elderly furniture tossed away at the curb. Somehow I managed to carry it home while holding a cup of coffee and pushing a stroller....balance is key I realized. If all things went smoothly all the time there would be no appreciation for those good times.
Now, where is this going to hang in order to remind me of that the next time?


  1. What a find! This is gorgeous!

  2. I've been struggling with my attitude lately - and I tried a new route home from Westboro Station and it did help. I didn't find any treasure (that is GORGEOUS!), but I did pay attention to my surroundings, instead of my bad attitude and that made all the difference.