Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall In

Happy happy autumn. This is a wee bit of a late wish. You see, along with the ushering in of my favorite season, the forces that be felt my resolve needed testing....which came in the form of a family cold. My surrogate little ones included. I tend to be the one who usually does not play the sick card....and let me tell you that sometimes I wish I could....a day in bed - yes, please.
As these things usually go, being home sick with Hazel meant that there was an unusually large amount of free time. The fairy house in the last picture is what we created together. Funny how sick time clears your mind, and sometimes depending on the severity, creativity abounds.

Sleeping girl with her cats.

Wool socks and blankets washed and put into immediate use.

Cork board with small reminders of the season for the little ones.

Our fall fairy house. Try as I might, she will not keep the Polly Pockets out! I have to admit I was tempted to remove them from the picture, but rethought. I need to accept the fact that all my girls will have been Polly Pocket appreciators.

Welcome Autumn!


  1. Your corn husk women are beautiful! We have been sick here too. Tis the season:)

    Hope you all get well soon!

  2. Yes, the fairy world meets the modern dolly.
    The only thing that keeps the plastic dolls out of our fairy house is that L. is a stickler where scale is concerned.
    Lovely photos, get well soon.

  3. I love the fairy house and corn husk women, so lovely. Where did you get the alphabet cards on the cork board? Get well soon, we've been hit too. xo W

  4. Hey there all.
    Wendy, those flashcards are from a seller on etsy called Inktree press.
    Careful though....all the items are equally lovely!

  5. I was going to ask the same thing about the cards...they're so lovely! Love the polly pocket...that feels more like our house than all the perfect fairy houses I've it's something to play with! Love the one of H's so QUIET when kids are sick! We watched Kung Fu Panda about 100 times when my kids all had a gastro bug just after M was it! It's been awhile for us...touch wood!