Sunday, October 3, 2010 cream

Those are the words uttered anytime someone mentions the number 2....all throughout the day. My little friend who spends some of her days with me is about to become 2 whole years old. She is very excited. This is my gift to her. A small token to remind her of the gift that she is to me.

I started by needlefelting some cute little hedgehogs. As her ability to imagine is coming in full force, she should have no trouble playing with these guys and possibly becoming a hedgehog herself. The leaves are cut from felted sweaters.

The pumpkin was something I have wanted to try for a loooong time. Funny how something like a birthday gift for someone special can be such a motivator. I both wet felted and needlefelted orange roving around a 8 inch ball. Once felted enough, I cut the ball out and proceeded with all the things that make it look like a pumpkin....the stem, the lines on the outside, the leaves.

Fun times!


  1. A beautiful, sweet little gift indeed. I needle felted a porcupine a couple of weeks ago, my little one loved it. 5 Orange Potatoes has lovely little porcupines she sells. We are also reading about Prickly Porky in the Thornton Burgess Collections, adventures of the animals in the green forest. Adorable little books full of adventures. We are presently reading the Adventures of Old Man Coyote.