Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another summer

And so at the start of another summer, I find myself:
*eagerly awaiting the end of school routines
*enjoying the first batch of local strawberries
*finding time here and there to keep my garden from getting away on me
*sewing large quantities of sheep
*really believing that the path I am on is right where I should be.
And for someone who is a bona fide cold-weather lover, these are making me love this perfect summer of summers that has begun.


  1. I'm dreaming of days at the beach, seashells on my nature table, the cycle of wet kids, hanging their clothes on the line just so they can soak them again...ah, summer!

  2. We're so enjoying the first taste of strawberries here too. Such a wonderful feeling when you know you're where you're meant to be on this path of life.

  3. Sounds quite similar to my summer, with the exception of your sheep! :)