Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Down to the wire

As a mama, I am usually prone to lamenting the passing of time in relation to my girls and their nasty habit of growing up.
Now, as I am on a crash course with "middle age" I find myself looking at myself. And while I have moments of lamenting the passing of time and it's effect on me, mostly I have found a sense of peace with the whole thing. I am happy with where things stand and how I have spent my living of the first 40 years.
But truth be told, I figured that somehow this wouldn't happen to me.
Lordy, Lordy.


  1. I am 57 and I feel as you get older you are more at peace with life, and have a tendency to just chill a bit, cheers Marie

    1. I am finding that to be true Marie. It seems as though the leadup is worse than the actual event.
      Hope you are well.

  2. It may be hard to see and feel the physical changes, but I find that inner strength grows; and so look at us, we are strong, powerful, peaceful and wise!

  3. I am also very thankful at ( almost!) 43 to know certain things are behind me. No more worrying about certain things that in my younger years took energy. I just am who I am, like the things I like , spend my time with those I like and leave all the rest behind. There is a peace in that.