Thursday, January 12, 2012

A happy home

Somewhere along the way I stopped making the time to create things for our home. My focus shifted to making things to sell. Luckily when I sat down and thought about this upcoming year and the changes I would like to make, I realized that I was missing this very simple thing....I love making things for our home. So I have made it part of my thought process and planning to include time for me and this place we call home.


  1. I am so working hard on this too - as well as making things for our children.

  2. I spent about 5 years selling children's clothing, quilts and slings whilst at home with my children ( and homeschooling). As much as it helped us create some additional income I really started to resent the time " away" from home making at the time. It is so very rewarding to look around your home and see the results of your own energy!

  3. i've gotten caught in that too. so nice to shift focus to home.

  4. oh my, how i miss our daily visits.

    i have to tell you a story that totally relates to your post - kinda, sorta, in a tilt-your-head-and-squint-at-it kind of way... so the house we bought is very old and somewhat outdated looking. and it's gonna take some time to linsiloo it so for now i have to be patient (which is awesome cuz being patient is MY FAVORITE.... errr). anyways, first impression of the office/craft room was that it was painted this crazy colour of yellow and has a bright red carpet, which was initially off-putting to say the least.

    UNTIL the felted sunshine mobile that you made. the instant i did that it had a magical effect that made the room come together and immediately put me at ease.

    so thank you! : )

    ps. please say hi to Miss Hazel for me

  5. When I was little I made tons of arts and crafts. My mom still hangs them up in my house. She loves them.

    -Zane of ontario honey