Thursday, May 3, 2012

Full circle

I am feeling the pull to all things outdoors....I have found a way to make our tiny garden bigger.  In a few weeks, our useless driveway will be ripped up, and raised beds laid in it's place.  "Bloom where you are planted" has become my mantra.

I am moving from this space and starting new under the name LittleWool (Blogger and it's changes have become too much for me so I can be found at Wordpress - though not yet - I am a slow learner).

Also under the name LittleWool, I will be selling my craft at the Ottawa Farmer's Market come September.

I have never been someone that writing has come to easily. I am more of a one liner kind of gal. My biggest problem in university was not getting to class, it was meeting the word count requirement that was imposed - I always felt like I made my point in at least 100 words less than was recommended. In my new space I hope to return to what I intended my blog to be - nice pictures, simple words.

So, I am returning to my roots (heehee) in many more ways than one.
Hopefully you will join me in my new pun intended.

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