Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am a list girl. At any point in time, I have at least three going. One for this, one for that and another for those items that don't fall onto either of the previous. Most times I write these lists to get things out of my head....things that I think are crucial and don't want to forget to do.
Today I feel they are a curse. They are a reminder of the things I haven't done and not a visual of all I have completed. Today I am not in the right headspace for lists...I do happen to be in the right headspace for swinging, playing in the leaves and rolling down hills. Those kids - they are so smart.


  1. I LOVE you for saying this!

    xo maureen

  2. I LOVE THIS!! I'm going on about 3 hours' sleep after a full work day (didn't get home till 11 pm) all the things I should be doing are just going to sit till tomorrow. Today is a watch movies, craft, read stories, and rest day! The freedom! It always feels like I need permission from some higher power to do this. Then I remember that in this house: I'm the higher power!! lol. Thanks for the reminder.