Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It is good to be back.

Well, I survived the first days of December...managed to put my on hold my desire to get ready for my favorite time of the year (I know, I insisted previously that autumn was my favorite...a fairweather girl I am). And now, with the craft fair and annual cookie exchange behind me I am unwinding and slowing into a season of merrymaking with family and friends.

Ornaments are being unpacked and placed all over the house.

A craft fair keeper that I just couldn't bring myself to part with.

Due to the last minute nature of this year's cookie exchange, a mass production cookie line was our kitchen on Saturday night. Eight dozen really sounds like an easy idea in October when the preparations start....not so much once the realization hits that it is the next afternoon.

King Winter making sure that snow is present to really set the mood. And for real, I put this out on Friday afternoon....snow started on Saturday.

Happy December to you.

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  1. I love your colourful rainbow of cookies & your craft-fair-keeper (I don't know how you part with any of it... I was snuggled up under the blanket that I bought for my mom... and er, I do think of her when I'm under it... I don't know, however, if I can part with it!)! I'm glad that you are through your crazy first weekend of December. We got our Christmas stuff out today too & we're off to Thomas Tree Farms to cut a Christmas tree this Friday afternoon.