Sunday, December 19, 2010

A tradition of sorts

As I stood around I kept getting lost in thought, and in time. For about 10 years now we have gone, it was our first official date. We make the trek to my favorite town in the world. Pay our money to get in and make our way to the back to watch some of our good pals play some really good music. It is pretty much immediate, my reaction to the moment. The space, the crowd, the all contributes to my thoughts leading me back through the years. I remember the first times when we could actually get a seat and dance as well. I remember those who are not with us in person anymore, but in spirit. I remember how the night always seems to bring out the best in my world. I am reminded to put all the other things aside and enjoy the moment.
I love this holiday tradition. The season does not feel complete without it.
Merry Christmas all. May the season be spent in happiness and joy.

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