Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hmmmm.....I wonder

The words bring forth a sense of just that....wonder....infinite possibilities...."reality" aside. Interestingly enough, when kept inside my head they don't provoke the same feelings as they do when they are spoken out loud. Somehow, the process of talking to myself helps clarify things in my world. Is it like that for you?
In the opening lines of my profile I state basically that I am a work in progress. Recently, I have felt a pressure to figure myself out. What is it exactly that I want to do? Is it realistic to expect to be able to earn enough money while doing something that you love? I am thinking that there aren't simple answers. And sometimes I am not expected to find the answers...which brings me back to "work in progress"....maybe changed slightly to "work in process".
Just some light words for a wintry Sunday night.
Sleep well.


  1. I refer to myself as a work in progress me it evokes a sense of myself as a near "masterpiece", on the brink of being complete. I don't know what it will take to make me a "masterpiece" all I know is for now I keep stumbling along...progressing and processing as I should! I think for many of us this is a time of contemplation...I don't know if it's "in the air", or what? I know for myself it just feels like this is a time to own up and take control and figure out what makes me tick and what brings me JOY...and it's been time well spent so far. Good luck, and enjoy the process of your own progress!
    xo maureen

  2. Must be something to do with being in our thirties...although, my grandma, at 92, was a near masterpiece, she always seemed to be a work in progress too, seeking out the things that brought her laughter and joy, always open to learning and new understandings. What's that line I heard in a song this morning:
    "You gotta live the life that you love, you know, you gotta love for the life that you live, you know..."
    Works of art, all of us, living with joy!

  3. I can't say that my forties have brought alot more clarity on " what I want to be when I grow up". I REALLY thought at 22 I would have had alot more figured out by now! But sometimes not having a rigid picture of your life and self allows for more fluidity and growth.
    And by- the- by I truly believe that you can make a living doing things that you feel passionate about.I am very blessed to be doing just that.

  4. you know, i have been having these very thoughts too. and wondered aloud shouldn't i figure it out?

    reading this is a good reality check for me. i mean, i knew. but guess it's that re-birth time again. <3

    thanks for putting it out there. feels good to be heard!