Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring all wrapped up in a skirt

As if some sort of premonition came my way last fall, I ordered some fabric with the idea of making a couple of skirts for my spring and summer wardrobe. After borrowing the book "Sew What! Skirts" by Francesca DenHartog from the library I have a standing order pattern for a basic drawstring waist skirt based entirely on my specific measurements. Add to this some free time, skirt number one was born...

Alexander Henry in the Farmdale line....ordered from Fabricworm.

Orange bias trim with appliqued bird made from felted sweaters

The end result. Now if the cold wind would go away....
Happy Tuesday.


  1. My goodness...that is one super sweet skirt!
    I have been SOOOOO wanting to whip up some new clothes, and dreaming of embellishing skirts with little toadstools...I'm going to check out that book for sure!
    Thanks for sharing your skirt goodness!
    xo maureen

  2. Gorgeous! Sophie, Kaia and I all want one... must learn to sew one of these fine days!

  3. Very nice Karen! It really is all about the skirts come Spring and Summer.

  4. So fresh and lovely. I love that fabric and your felted bird finishes it off just so.

  5. Oh so cute! Love it.
    hopped over from Soulemama.
    Have a lovely weekend!