Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where have I been? How has a whole week gone by? Well, let's just say I was otherwise occupied....with kind of planning a two day weekend of nothing but time for me and myself and I. I say "kind of" planning because it was all done without actually acknowledging that it was a possibility because that would have had the certain effect of it not actually happening. I was keeping my excitement at bay so as not to be too disappointed if one or the other or both came down with something on the morning they were set to leave. I made a mental list instead of writing anything down, I didn't tell anyone what the plan was...I am bordering on ridiculous I realize that now....the benefit of hindsight, and the elation that comes from a couple of days and one night alone in my home. The big girls were around but had their own plans and required very little from me. We had a nice breakfast the three of us which was great.
As for me, I spent Friday getting all the chores done....laundry, cleaning and groceries. Friday night I sewed myself a perfect little spring skirt...Saturday I met a new friend for coffee and went to a garage sale. Wow, I have forgotten how much a chunk of "me" time changes ones' outlook.
Monday??? I'm down with that!


  1. WOW! It sounds so FABULOUS! I don't know how you resisted making lists!! I have visions of a bubble bath... with nobody walking in or yelling my name. You were very productive... I fear I might wander into slothdom :)

    I find it funny sometimes - the glimpses of what life will be/was without little kids in it. When the girls took art classes on Saturday mornings - Jeff and I would sit in Bridgehead in the Glebe and read a book or the paper, then we'd wander through a few stores slowly. It was deja vu and a glimpse of the future - in a surreal kind of way!

    Pictures of your new spring skirt, please!

  2. That "me time" sounds so inviting!! I would love to see a pic of that skirt you whipped up. :)