Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keeping it light

I am trying to remain positive. Trying to keep in mind that it will all pass.
You see, there have been different "somethings" going through the house for no less than 3 weeks. It begins to weigh. Sleep deprivation...laundry overload...
It is not for lack of sun. This winter has been nothing short of spectacular as far as weather goes. Mother Nature has been kind.
So, to keep my thoughts in a positive light I have decided to implement with all the authority in me the following rules to live by:

1. all remaining winter projects are banished. No more hats or neckwarmers in dark winter-like colors (sorry babe, next year I promise!) I have started knitting Hazel a lovely and bright spring hat in an amazing Merino wool from Mirasol Peru.

2. remember that fabric has been ordered...enough for many, many spring and summer dresses and skirts...some of which is hanging on the line (yes, outside) as I write this.

3. soup intake is hereby reduced to a mere once a week from now until spring.

What gets you through?



  1. lets hope you stick to your word about the soup! (: just kidding. i look forward to some summer dresses..maybe?
    raine xo
    p.s. i love the picture!

  2. I am learning to love winter. Getting out in the snow gets us through; building things out of ice, skiing or skating, haven't done it enough. With all the sickness going through our house, I have been doing more book reading and snuggling with Lydia while drinking hot chocolate.
    I love your banishment of the winter colours. I think I should take a look at my fibre, and start the spring cleaning.