Thursday, February 18, 2010

One small change

I usually re-read my posts a day or two later to make sure that they sound right. This morning I looked over my post from yesterday entitled "Springing". Other than the fact that I took artistic liberty with the word "spring", I realized that the last sentence makes it sound like I am looking forward to the end of winter. I would like to adjust it to say something like;

"I am trying my best to live in the moment, to not wish the time to pass any faster than it already is, to enjoy every moment be it easy or hard, to remember that all the nose wiping, snack making, diaper changing and teenage strides towards independence will be missed one day."

In my post of yesterday, I was merely trying to point out the obvious (that spring IS coming) to myself. I am not, I repeat, NOT wishing winter away.

Life is good. We spent more time outside today than we have for awhile. The swings are usable once again. The carrots we left for the rabbits are gone (admittedly some taken by the non-native black squirrels). A wee snowman now hangs out in our front yard.
Good indeed.

And it is almost the weekend. Happy Friday everyone.

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