Monday, June 14, 2010

Butterflies are where it's at.

"But these are flowers that fly and all but sing"
*Robert Frost*

It seems as though the insect world has made quite an impression on my littlest. The process of going from caterpillar to butterfly has been in her head from the moment those chrysalis' entered her classroom and went and turned into butterflies before her eyes. She recreates the scenario in many ways throughout our days. Sometimes it's like this: "Mama, tell (insert any name here) to look at the chrysalis on the couch". (The chrysalis being Hazel wrapped up in a blanket).
Other times, it involves running in circles, flapping her arms and drinking nectar from the block flowers she has setup.
It is amazing to me, how much she knows....and more importantly, how little I seem to.

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  1. Spring is so fun in kindergarten! Kaia and Sophie loved the catapillar to butterfly transformation too - they really loved letting the butterflies go in the Nature Classroom. This year Sophie's class also did tadpoles - frogs (with some hiccups with the first attempt) - Spring rocks!