Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WIP and a new old machine

A few weeks ago I was given a new sewing machine. It just magically appeared at my door one day...and just in the nick of time, as the machine that I have been using for about 14 years now has been in a steady decline. I am now on a bit of a learning curve with it....figuring out all the little operational secrets. This is not a machine built with planned obsolescence in mind! It is metal and heavy and the motor of a jet plane (or so it seems to me). It folds down into a table for quick and easy hidden storage, so is located in my living room at the moment.
I decided to make Hazel a skirt from Emma Hardy's book called "Making Children's Clothes" as my inaugural project. It is a dream to sew with...smooth, solid and self assured.
Thank you Great Aunt Helen. I hereby promise to put this machine to good use.

Fabric cut for Hazel's skirt from various tablecloths, sheets and fabric stash.

My lovely brown and beige 1967 Singer sewing machine.

Isn't she a beaut?!

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  1. My mom bought a singer in about 1966 with her first paycheque after graduating from nursing school. She gave it to me on my 30th birthday. I treasure it's sturdy design and for all the memories I have of sitting on mom's knee with my hand on hers, me standing on a chair as she pinned up the hem of a dress just for me, and eventually of learning to sew for myself. I have pictures of my kids on my mom's lap, "helping" her sew. Don't get rid of your old girl...we have a sewing machine doctor nearby who will iron out her bugs if you're interested!