Monday, June 28, 2010

Flowers aplenty

"And the good brown earth got on with doing what the good brown earth does best."
*an excerpt from the picture book by the same name by Kathy Henderson*

This is my garden. It consists of mostly flowers, with the odd bean plant, tomato plant and renegade squash that decided to muscle its way in. Herbs are included as well, but mostly in pots by the back door. And although so far this year the earwigs and aphids are abundant, it seems as though the plants are all taking it in am I.

Every square inch is being used. It is all I have ever wanted in a garden...of this size that is.
How does your garden grow?


  1. I love the last photo, so beautiful.
    We are slowly turning every square inch of grass here at our new home into gardens.. The bee balm is so pretty, ours just bloomed in the past few days.

  2. Delphiniums (see my banner!), primroses, tiger lilies, lady's mantle...beautiful contrasts of blue and yellow/orange! People who have little urban gardens dream of big rural spaces...but I love the look of your lovely flower-yard! We have far too much grass to mow, and yet no time to turn it into gardens...check in with me in 15 years!

  3. What lovely garden pictures. We were just in Ottawa today, and I was admiring some of the front lawn inspiring to see so many lovely lawns turned flower gardens!
    I'm with gardenmama...we're slowly working on getting rid of the grass, adding more garden space every chance we get! My favourites are Spike Speedwell (aka, veronica), Sedum, Salvia, Black Eyed Susans, and Bee Balm...I fit those into every flower bed on the property...then we have our 2 huge veggie gardens on the hill, as well as a squash patch by the house, (formally lawn), and soon we're adding a raised bed garden by the house for greens...we're on 1/2 acre, which isn't much by country standards, but we sure do alot with what we've got!!!
    Keep your thumb green!!!
    maureen :)

  4. Simply beautiful... that's the word that came to my mind when I saw the pics... great lawn