Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where have all my babies gone?

I find myself feeling the weight of time passing. Another school year is pretty much done, and I am wondering how that is at all possible. Abbey done Grade 10, Raine finished with Grade 7 and Hazel going on to SK. How? Why? Where are my little girls?
I know that is is what happens but when I first became a parent I felt that the future stretched on forever and ever, and I was excited for it to start. Now, my excitement is bittersweet as usually, any time that passes, any milestones reached are bringing my girls closer to their own personal destinations. I never thought about things in these terms before.....maybe because when little ones are little all energies go to showing them the ropes. I actually have time to think about what is going on now (thanks to lack of sleep deprivation)...I can see full well how this is going to end up.
Just the ramblings of a sentimental mama today.


  1. What beautiful daughters! I can empathize with how you're feeling...when I think of the future, I just can't picture these sweet little girls growing up...I'm in denial..."they WON'T grow up"!! And yet, I know they will...and I'll feel the same as you. Enjoy them to bits!!!!
    maureen xo

  2. I feel things speeding up each day too, esp. since Jude started school (he had his last day of JK today). We had our kindergarten grad in my classroom today and I was trying to read a poem and all the moms, the EAs, and I were all blubbering because how did they get to be 5 already? Already reading, adding, printing whole WORDS?? Your daughters are so lovely. I just wish we could press pause now and then, even though there were times when I wanted to fast-forward...sigh.