Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crossing the finish line

The line was crossed on December 20....just in time to welcome winter. A first for me. A sweater knit with my very own hands. A Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan for my littlest girl who still lets me make clothes for her. I bought some Manos del Uruguay silk and wool blend last February and pretty much started the project right away. I opted for shorter sleeves to allow for springtime layering. I realized that I love knitting....that I can indeed make a sweater and also that it drives me nuts having bigger projects sitting around taking a long time to get themselves done. Proving to myself what I already knew....that I am more of an immediate gratification kind of gal.

That said, I have some new wool on order for another solstice sweater....for me this time....on bigger needles.
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Does that mean you never finished the red sweater? Damn you were my inspiration. I am terrified of sweaters...

  2. Hey there Antje.
    I have a sleeve and a half to go on the red. Sweaters tire me out....but I am really excited about wearing it!
    Socks instill fear in me.

  3. Your Tiny Tea Leaves sweater is so pretty! I'm happy to read you like knitting...

  4. I really love this sweater. I so badly wish I could knit. All this snow we are having would provide me with the perfect opportunity to pick up some needles and yarn if only it didn't flummox me so.