Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keeping the shiny side up

Otherwise entitled "It's mid-January, there's not enough snow and I am edging ever forward on my march to 40".
These are the things that are making me smile through my days.

The neverending sources of inspiration for the crafting year ahead.

The blanket that tugged at my heartstrings so much that I could not bare to part with it.

Signs of the children in my life all over the house.

Last but certainly not mug. It is the work of the very talented abi lyon wicke. Her work in pottery brings out the same feelings in me as my work with wool. Happiness and whimsy all in a mug.

Here's to January....the fact that we are already almost halfway through astounds me.
***As I re-read this I realize that I may have been being a bit dramatic as I still have one year left of my 30's. Sigh.


  1. What a beautiful mug! I made a note of some of your book titles too. I love this time of year because it offers time for these pursuits.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  2. I hear you, Karen...I can't believe we're almost halfway through Jan...that means, only what, 10 weeks till spring? haha...we're in for the long haul. My favourite mug is working overtime these days, too!

  3. You've just reminded me that this is the perfect time of year to treat oneself to some new craft books!!!! Winter just seems to go on and on and on in these here parts!
    xo maureen
    ps LOVE that mug!!