Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teens take on Handmade

As a young mama, I did crafts with my girls. I had supplies around with easy access to allow their creativity to let loose whenever the mood struck. I let them run with their own ideas, but also provided organized "projects" to show them the ropes. All with the idea in the back of my mind that one day my girls would enjoy hanging out on weekends and some evenings with me crafting homemades of all different kinds....not ALL evenings of course...I am not clueless in that department.
The fact that this ideal has not materialized hits me especially hard around the holidays. My girls are busy. They have homework, they have friends and they have jobs. Their down time is sadly spent with phone in hand or computer/television swallowing them up. Sigh.
What I should be remembering is that they are very creative beings. It is on their terms now that's all. For Christmas gifts this year my two biggest got out the camera, took beautiful pictures of their surroundings both inside and out and then had them developed and framed. Their idea...their execution....their joy in giving gifts from the heart.
Here is their handiwork. Enjoy.



  1. Hi Karen,

    Gorgeous pictures! What a fabulous gift. You have gifted and creative girls.

    My mom did the same - she sewed, knit, had a pottery studio in our basement... and I didn't craft much as a teenager. I think I even did a bit of photography as a teenager too. I did, however, eventually pick up crafting again in my 20s - it was a Christmas thing for a while and now, it's a way of life! It'll be interesting to see who crafts when as all our girls grow up.

    Happy January!

  2. those are beautiful! it took me a long while from my teens to come back to craft too!