Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally, a true weekend

I was beginning to give up hope on ever having the kind of weekend that weekends are intended to be, ever again. Our weekends have been resembling a bit of a hamster wheel. This past weekend however, reminded me of weekends past, where time stretched out forever. And let me say that it makes Monday a whole lot easier to deal with when one has had a slow weekend. It makes the future look certain instead of wobbly and out of focus. So, on this bright and sunny Monday I say "Hooray weekend".

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  1. Doesn't it say so much about modern life, when our WEEKENDS are booked up week after week? We've had 3 in a row, with two more to go before we can sit in our pjs late into the morning, play outside, have a bonfire, and do all those weekendy things. This really made me think. Weekends should NOT be for dragging the kids here and there, but for just...being! Love the popcorn pic...our fave snack too!