Monday, April 18, 2011

A few springtime firsts

Finally, some Easter decorations made it to our Nature table.

Hoooray for Papa and his baking talents!

A beachside picnic...not exactly warm enough, but waterplay was still on the program.
I'm not sure how it was in your neck of the woods, but I am glad I had all these reminders around that it was actually technically spring...cuz the snowflakes and sleet told me otherwise!
Happy Monday to you all.


  1. Hot Cross buns??? really??? you have an in-house practitioner!!! Wow, my all time favorite from the time they show up in the bakery in March, until the last raisin is gone in April.
    Ian says now he has to look up a recipe.
    Hmm, maybe feeling a bit competitive is good!

  2. lets hope all those wonderful spring decorations will be the talisman needed to usher in some spring -like weather. I REALLY would like to put away the mittens long enough to enjoy how they feel again in October