Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Note to self

Maybe sandals aren't the best choice in footwear just yet. When the forecast says a high of 12 degrees is to be expected that doesn't mean that is the morning temperature! Be patient....your Birks are just around the corner.


  1. haha...we're all eager to shoe off our winter feet! I ran out to the van in my bare feet the other morning just because there was no snow...a bit cold for that just yet!

  2. ah, I also prematurely bring out the birks....
    I try not to pay attention to my freezing cold toes while I daydream of summer days...

  3. I know what you mean - still pretty chilly here in ND too...

  4. I went off to do errands in my jean jacket this morning...brrrr...still a little chilly to do that up in our neck of the woods (Canada)!

  5. I wear my sandals outside in small spurts...we Canadians are just "hopeful" that's all!!
    I'm hoping to till the garden this weekend...come sleet or snow, (I believe both are in the forecast)!
    Love your header...those little flower children are beautiful, (did you make them)?
    xo maureen

  6. That is funny! I tend to rush summer and postpone fall with my footwear as well..makes for chilly toes.