Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In praise of wild spaces

After a week of fighting to keep my spirit up, it took all of 2 minutes in the woods to breathe easier and restore my hope.

The sound of rushing water to drown out the thoughts that seemed to stick with me no matter how hard I tried to welcome them and then get past them.

The lovely soft green moss just because it has that effect on me....

The sweet little person in my life who reminds me everyday (if I am able to watch and pay attention) that all is hopeful....that the present and future is full of possibilities.
All in all, the feeling of spring and re-birth surrounded me this weekend...and I see it now.
Thanks to the wild spaces and my girl who lives her life closest to her heart no matter what.
A happy Tuesday to you.


  1. This has been a slow spring. It wears on a soul doesn't it?

  2. A happy day to you from New Zealand, Marie

  3. We've been feeling this loooong season in our bones...I'm longing for sunshine and my mood reflects the weather. Loved this hopeful post. I always read but have a hard time commenting lately b/c of very limited time on internet...blah! SOon will be up and running at home again. We must arrange for your wee one to visit our chickens this spring!

  4. Oh yes, Mother Nature is a balm for the soul! We've been spending so much time outside...after such a loooooong winter it's such a novelty to just hang out in the out of doors.
    Keep the hope alive dear one!!!
    xo maureen

  5. Nothing like spending some time under the big trees with someone who sees the world as a new place; now to turn to the front yard and plant some seeds!
    Take care.

  6. So interesting to hear that you feel this way too. I've known for a long time that if I am feeling out of sorts or stressed it likely means that I haven't been spending enough time immersed in nature...and even a few hours out in the woods will help to restore me. It's quite wonderful isn't it? To know that nature is such a balm and so soothing to us? Wonderful that your daughter knows this by instinct - I often think it is because children live so naturally by their senses.

  7. A trip out in nature sounds like such a perfect time of refreshment! SUch a great pic of your little one. :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, this is SO true! There is nothing more grounding that being outdoors, especially when there isn't any concrete separating feet from earth. ps. Could your daughter be any cuter?? I think not.