Sunday, May 1, 2011

Of small towns and maple syrup

We spent yesterday among many who seem to be all about the maple syrup. Perth, Ontario...Maplefest 2011.

okay, maybe not just the maple syrup...pony rides were the draw to the 5 and under city set.

and apparently the bright and shiny fenders of beautiful old cars appealed to some (look closely - that is me reflected in the fender)

Papa enjoyed the rushing waters in Stewart Park

and so did I. Those are my feet and shadow. Another time spent with mama behind the shutter.
However, after many a time of driving past, I finally got a very brief moment to explore Janie H. Knits. Wow. The setting, and the fibre and the lovely ladies. Next time though, a girlie roadtrip with no one allowed under 20.


  1. I love Perth! Sounds like the Maple Fest was fun. I'm in for a trip to Janie H. Knits - it is an idyllic house and location. How about next weekend???!!!

  2. We live in a small town, and yet we are still often wishing for somewhere even smaller! Looks like it was a neat day.
    I love the little garden children in your header picture, so adorable!!!

  3. Oh Karen... you & your maple. :)