Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Giveaway - just because.

I am really thankful that I did take the leap. There are so many wonderful people out there!
And today I am thankful for the warmth of the sun. It felt so great to be out digging in the dirt...although I feel a bit like the garden is getting away on me already...because although it hasn't been a great spring for humans, the plants seem to be thoroughly enjoying it.
And of course, where would we be without our Mothers..mamas..mums...whatever you go by - Happy Mother's Day.
Here is what is up - in celebration of all the above mentioned gratitudes - a sunshiney mobile that can be seen in closer detail on my etsy site affectionately called LittleWool.

All that is required to be involved is a comment about your gratitudes. It really is a "just because" giveaway...partly inspired by a "pay it forward giveaway" of last year by the Twig and Toadstool gals. Two weeks from tomorrow all will be decided. I will ship all over. Just because.
Happy weekend, and a huge Happy Mother's Day.


  1. I am grateful for my beautiful family, who loves me to bits, cheers Marie

  2. I am grateful to be able to plant seeds in the earth, and to watch things grow,including my three amazing children.

  3. So many reasons to be grateful...another month's worth of bills paid (almost), a brood of healthy chicks, seeds sprouting on my windowsill, the SUN (finally!), my loyal and amazing husband, my three beautiful and healthy children, the support of my siblings and parents, a job I goodness, I feel so blessed!

  4. It's hard to know where to start! I'm grateful for: my health, the health of my family, my family, my friends, Sunday night knit nights :), great books (and even the not-so-great books), CBC radio, music, the fabulous shack-in-the-woods that we call our cottage, the magical world of make-believe that the girls now inhabit, the birds that grace our neighbourhood, the talented and crafty women that inspire me - including my mom - and you, dark chocolate, coffee, my bicycle... I could go on!

  5. space- to breathe, to gather,to farm, to plant , to hike-so many things.
    ( LOVE the picture of the Coltsfoot! for me it's the first herb I can wildcraft in the spring)

  6. I am grateful for things unseen. I am grateful for....a future with my children and their children, and for growing my own food and eating it...and trading it without being arrested!And for a long peaceful life with the love of my life, and blue skies, and moist ground. I am thankful for all these things in advance to excersise faith that I will be grateful for them when they come to pass!:)

  7. Hello, Miss Karen a la Maple Latte (still some left when I left today... you might have 1 more left - maybe even TWO! haha!).

    You want to know what I'm grateful for? Well, the list is long but here's the condensed version.

    I am grateful I have 2 legs that work so that I can move wherever I want.

    I am grateful to have ears that work so that I can learn from people every day... even when they're being obnoxious it's a lesson.

    I am grateful to have a mouth that works so that I can the people/poonums I love... that I love them.

    I am glad to have a mind that works so that I can remember wonderful memories and plan for new ones to make tomorrow.

    I am grateful to live in Canada, a country rich in freedom, peace, beauty and diversity.

    And finally, I am grateful to have love in my life in the form of family, friends & poonums - without whom I possibly could survive but would be so very lonely.

  8. a long, long list, including...
    *my beautiful family
    *my home
    *God's good grace

  9. I have SO much to be thankful for,
    My kids and that they are healthy.
    Love of my hubby, our two sons and our extended family.
    Such a great health system here in Canada, that last week gave my grandmother a new hip! :)
    The support of a loving hubby and MIL that pulled together so that I could go be with my grandmother while she was having her operation and her recovery in the hospital.~6 hours away.
    That I still have both my grandparents to celebrate and love.
    I am just bursting with all kinds of graditudes to be perfectly honest.

    Oona Nicholas

  10. grateful for positive perspective, in all and among other things. <3

  11. I'm grateful for my family, beautiful healthy children, friends, dancing, laughter, fun, being able to afford good organic food, my home, chickens, gardens, employment, (and for being able to do meaningful work), creativity, kitsch, hugs and kisses, my flower beds, my real bed, for being born in this country, for peace, (and for not experiencing war), for small towns, community spirit, eccentric people, my children's friends...and for today especially, I'm SO grateful that my daughter took a leap of faith and believed me when I said she would be fine and rode a 2 wheeler for the first time!!!
    We are truly blessed!
    xo maureen

  12. Grateful that the real spring weather has finally arrived.
    Grateful for our recent day spent in the forest.
    Grateful for the nice lady at the fabric store who called yesterday to offer a big box of fabric to the girls so they could sew clothes for their dolls.
    Grateful for a blog friend who can relate to the sewing thoughts always running through my mind. I really liked your last comment!
    And grateful for about 1000 other simple wonderful things in our lives!!!

  13. oo, I'm not too late!
    I'm grateful for all I have and the people who are in my life. But if I were to get a word tattooed, I think it would be abundance. And I think they are related. For if I wasn't grateful, I wouldn't feel full! Full of the awesomeness around me.
    thanks for sharing