Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Note to self

It's spring. You are surrounded by babies being born and/or about to be born. It's okay to remember those baby days of the past. It's okay to miss them and remember them. They were wonderful.


  1. Yes those baby days were/are magic. cheers Marie

  2. Yes, it's okay. I'm still in them and although I look forward to more independence (for everyone) I know I'll also shed a tear now and then for the times that passed in such a blur...days of such sweetness and light. Let's NOT forget the whining, crying, barfing, diapers, and clinging now...but let's embrace the beauty too, while celebrating what IS.

  3. Waaa, goodbye to the baby days. One of the great and blessed times in our lives. But...hello to other ways to create! Like that beautiful photo of a daisy emerging from the oak leaves. (my photographers think it is beautiful and Ben asked if you have a photography studio)
    Big hugs, Eloise