Monday, May 16, 2011

Bloom birds

Thanks to the organizational skills of one We Bloom Here I get to participate in a crafty bird swap. Here are my beauties. They are fashioned after the Eastern bluebird, who, here in Ontario are increasing their numbers after many years of decline. I hope your mailboxes are ready, oh, swap-mates of mine.

I can't help but smile - what I see in this last picture is a choir of birds, all singing their hearts out. And the happy heart of the peeps (I couldn't resist) that are privy to hear their song.


  1. Oh, my goodness... they are just too, too 'tweet!


  2. I imagine the guy in the middle is leaning over towards his choir mate in order to perfect his harmony...heehee! They're absolutely charming!

  3. Oh, your birds are so sweet. What a treasure that will be for someone to have arrive in their mailbox! I love the photo in your header too, what a fun way to show off a bloom.

  4. So cute!! I cannot wait to see everyone's creations. I just mailed mine out today (way to wait until the last minute) should have seen be felting away into the wee hours of the morning but it was so much fun! This is my first craft exchange, I hope to do another one soon!

  5. So gorgeous. I've only just gotten into needle felting and am very much a novice - at least now I have something to aspire to! I took part in the swap too - my birdies should be reaching their partners any time now!