Monday, July 18, 2011


It's a battle I always feel that I am involved in...the old push-pull. Take this vest for instance, although the dog days of summer are upon us I am finishing up a piece of wool clothing for Hazel to wear come the cooler climes of autumn.
My best effort towards living in the moment always seem to be upended in varying degrees by thinking of future days....
Is this a battle that can ever be "won"?


  1. HA! I am the same way- I am busily knitting woolens for cold weather while it's 90 degrees. It feels odd. . . though I have learned from experience that if I wait until it's cold it'll be too late! I love how you describe it- the push pull. . . I am not sure this is a battle that can ever be won.
    Love the plain vest, and I have thought of maybe making it too.

  2. Well, our weather so far this summer is such that a wool vest would come in very handy. :-(

  3. I know that Push-Pull feeling too. I have several wool knitting projects going and it's very warm out...

    Funny, I literally just showed my daughter this pattern - hoping to modify it for an adult size vest.

  4. Not when you're a knitter...if you live in the moment, you'd be knitting a cotton bodice for a dress right NOW, and wouldn't finish it till winter, and your kids would be pulling on their woolens next summer. I too am working on winter sweaters right now...dreaming of a break in this heat!

  5. Me encantaría ver cómo quedó terminado este chaleco. Lo vi en Pickles, pero no entendí cómo hacerlo.

    Saludos desde Chile.