Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A thousand words

I am finding it tricky to come up with words to go along with this picture. The toothless smile says more to me than any words could. Summer is here. The days stretch on. And each morning the reminder is put out there..."nope, no school today". Or for any day in the foreseeable future. My feet are firmly entrenched in the now that is our summer. My mind wandering forward to the fall, when our days will still be our own. And school will not interrupt my education again, at least not for Grade one.
And wow, does it ever feel right.


  1. Haha...I've been answering the "Do I have school tomorrow?" question every day since school ended (and my answer is always met with a resounding YAAAAY!")...I'm so envious about your decision to homeschool in the fall...it just feels...right to me. I trust that things will be fine with my kids in school (and that we can be "afterschoolers"...and that maybe someday an oppportunity will arise for us to homeschool...good luck! I'm serious about planning a farm visit...

  2. Just this week, Sophie's stopped asking if there's school tomorrow - now she asks when the weekend will be, so that I'll be home all day :( [I really must figure that old work-life balance out better!] An endless summer that includes fall, winter and spring - I don't think it gets any better! I can't wait to hear about your homeschooling adventures! Congratulations on the decision.

  3. Oh, that smile is sooo good! My five year old is just waiting for his first wiggly to fall. I think it may be awhile though, as it is not that wiggly. I, too, am homeschooling, though Kinder again I've decided. I will wait to do grade one as my oldest doesn't turn six until November. I will be looking forward to checking out how it is going with you!
    xo Jules

  4. we have been SO relieved since that decision is behind us. the pressure is off & more and more confidently we can answer folks with a "we homeschool". congratulations on this step.