Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I did on my summer holiday

Today is the final day of my summer holiday...I mean MY summer holiday. As in, 3 days of time for me, while working during the day, but having the evenings to spend in whatever manner I wish.
Here is a brief summary-
Saturday morning, drop Michael and Hazel off at the airport for the bouncy journey to Northern Ontario for a visit with his family. They are driving home as we speak.
Saturday and Sunday, gather all things necessary to the two teenagers who left for France with my parents for 28 days of touring, shopping, eating what I imagine is some pretty awesome food and enjoying all the France and the Czech Republic have to offer.
Then, on Monday as if by magic they were gone.
And I had a plan. I spent days previous working on a plan. Wow, I am a planner, and yet not even I have planned like this before. Here is what I did:
built a platform on the ground in our backyard so we can sit outside and eat our dinners
made strawberry jam
cast-on for a vest for Hazel
subscribed to "a latte a day"
gardened to my heart's content
went through the bedroom closets and unloaded stuff
ate cereal for dinner
And wow, I feel rested. I feel energized and ready for the days and weeks ahead. Funny on so many levels how the idea of downtime changes when you become a mama.
Coming to you from a good headspace.
Happy Wednesday.
Oh yeah, the camera went to Sault Ste. Marie so I have no visual proof of how I spent my time. Which was both nice and annoying I must admit.


  1. Rest and restoration are all we need, now and then, to continue with the monumental task of raising kids. As I type, my husband is pulling out of the driveway with the three kids (soccer night!) and I'm left with a blissful, quiet hour. Torn between lying in bed reading the amazing book I'm into right now, OR finishing the massive toy purge I started yesterday...

  2. It sounds like a well-deserved divine time!