Wednesday, July 14, 2010

H, to the PIF Giveaway

It's funny. I have noticed the "H" word creeping into the blogscape as of late....yep, the Holidays are a mere 6 months away. Now, there may be some out there that think it a crazy thing to be thinking of a winter celebration during the summer months. However, if one is going to take a go at making some or all of the gifts for friends and loved ones the time is now. And I love that, the fact that it isn't the big box machine that is fuelling the fire so to is the desire of many people out there to reject what those stores stand for, those who want to create something that represents the love and the loves in their lives.

Anyone can join in. Whether it be baking or knitting or sewing or drawing....the options are endless as are the ideas. The only critical thing is that the planning starts now, otherwise it can become a wee bit hairy as the big time arrives. For some ideas and some guidance go on the Handmade Holidays 2010 image for the scoop. Currently, I have a sweater on the go for the littlest girl as well as some ideas for the middle two. I consider things well underway.

So, now, onto the Giveaway part. I was the proud recipient of a Pay It Forward giveaway from Twig and Toadstool (thanks again for my lovely star!). The gist of the giveaway was basically receive a gift and give a that is what I am doing. I am hereby giving away the little toadstool bag pictured the hopes that it gets the ideas flowing for making gifts this year. Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what you are planning....and be prepared to also pay it forward in any way you see fit. Happy Holidays - I had to say it.

p.s. Summer should not be put on the back burner because of wintertime crafting! That simply is not allowed.


  1. I have definitely had those long December days (or nights more accurately)trying to finish up gifts. I like to do gouache paintings of a moment I spent with the gift receiver that I remember. Last year I did one for everyone but my husband:( I just ran out of time!

  2. Every January I say, 'THIS year I'm going to make 3 gifts a month and I'll be all relaxed and ready come December!' And it never happens. Right now I'm knitting away on little samples for a craft show application I'm submitting tonight (enough procrastinating!)'s a Christmas Craft show so I hope to get in! And will let you know about it...
    Love the Pay It Forward Giveaway idea!

  3. i'm planning to FINALLY start to follow in my mom's footsteps and finish that Christmas stocking that I started in your class for Kaia... and take your next class, so that I have one for Sophie. Christmas will be mostly handmade as usual... but so far, no specific plans, as of yet! Thanks for the motivation to get started with my plans :) I've been thinking that I might try my hand at these

    We'll see!