Friday, July 9, 2010

Living in the moment

My post today as part of Soulemama's Friday ritual is not entirely in keeping with the whole picture and no words layout.
For me, this week has been a test of my abilities not only as a mom, but also as a caregiver. It was too hot. Enough said about that.
The part of my week I want to pause, reflect on and remember was the little ones being introduced to the wading pool as well as the confidence my littlest one built this week in the water. The little ones were cautious but curious and by the end were splashing away with smiles of pure joy. No picture could be taken because I was keeping them upright.....but a moment nonetheless.
I too was transported back many years to feel the anticipation of getting into the water....watching for the markers that indicate time to jump in and them jumping in skirt and all. Well, not exactly jumping in....lets just call it getting into the water with reckless abandon with a wee one on my hip.
So there. Have a great weekend. We are off to stay by a lake this weekend. Be back on Monday.


  1. My son didn't go near the water until he was almost 3, then spent the summers at 3 and 4 as a wader...nowhere beyond the ankles. One week of swimming lessons in 40 degree weather, and he's been kicking his way out to the dock (on a flutterboard) and submerging his face and blowing bubble. I'm totally amazed at this once-reticent child becoming such a merman!
    Hope this morning's rain is cooling your spirit as it is mine.

  2. Rain????what rain???
    Maybe the rain and cooler temps I wished for are on their way, but just not express like I asked.