Saturday, February 5, 2011

a kind of revival

It started simply enough...with the gift of a ukulele. The idea born out of a love both for music and for a little girl.

Baby steps were encouraged, and then the hanging of both the ukulele and a guitar on the wall. Something on the "to-do" list for a very long time, all with the hopes of more music in our home. A new incentive has been introduced because of the beautiful instruments staring us in the face.

I look back now with the benefit of hindsight and realize that I have been missing out on music in my everyday for awhile now. While I am not sure how this situation came to be, I am certain a revival of sorts is in my future. With the arrival of my iPod (affectionately known as kPod) I now have the luxury of listening to all kinds of my favorite music while in my kitchen....which, let's face it, is where the majority of my time is spent. (Hey, maybe that was the beginning of my music deficit troubles....a radio only in the kitchen). I now have access to Green Day whenever the mood strikes. Or, the ability to listen to Slim Cessna's Auto Club and be transported to a certain club where I was privy to witness a band that doesn't dance, get lost in the moment.
I thankfully have been pulled back...saved from the brink. Music has been unleashed, and welcomed with open arms by both a little girl and her mama.

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