Sunday, February 27, 2011


I turned 39 this week. I seem to be having trouble snapping myself out of birthday mode. When I went grocery shopping yesterday I bought two kinds of stinky cheese that I love....the kinds that if left to my own devices I would eat the entire block without batting an eye. In an attempt to keep the focus on myself a little longer I am posting this:

Ahhhh. The place where I rest my head every single evening. It is one of my favorite places in my home despite the fact that I rarely spend time in the space awake.

A painting made for me 5 years ago by my wonderful and talented Raine.

My Tea Leaves cardigan....the first item of clothing I have made for myself. Started in August with a long long roadtrip looming....finished on my birthday. A large sigh of relief could be heard throughout the house., me, me. Things will be back to normal tomorrow.
Happy Sunday.


  1. I consider it only fair to make the entire week about me :) and one about Jeff... since the other 50 are mostly about the girls!

    FABULOUS, gorgeous sweater!

  2. Love this glimpse...your new banner is stunning, and I love your door-headboard! I found a huge old barn door out in the barn (where else) the other day, and am picturing it as a table, set on sawhorses, for summer meals. Love repurposing beautiful old things!!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. What a lovely place to rest your head! And I love the sweater!
    Happy happy birthday to you you you!

  4. Happy Birthday! The Tea Leaves is awesome!

  5. That was lovely. You you you try to continue taking care of yourself into next week if possible, even if it means more Oka and Wenslydale. And spending time in bed awake.
    The sweater is beautiful, and you are right, it should be all alpaca all the time from now on. (Eloise...can't work out how to post properly)