Monday, August 23, 2010


This time of year brings on such mixed emotions for me. And it is a recurring theme as I look back on last year around this time, and an email I sent out about that very thing. Another year, marching ever forward toward the finish line....
Last fall I made the decision to leave my carpentry job in order to be home with Hazel in the afternoons after she was done at morning junior kindergarten. Included in that decision was that I would spend my days in the company of two little friends in order to financially allow me to be around for Hazel (and the big girls too). It was an easy choice for me to make, and I committed myself to this path at least until full day school was our reality....a mere two years.
Now, after a wonderful summer with my girls and boy, I find myself not wanting my full days with Hazel to end. I find myself wishing I was brave enough and believed in myself enough to take on her teaching myself. It makes me feel unsure of my path....
I enjoy my time with the littles and I feel like I am good at taking care as well as teaching them....but for some reason that feeling does not extend to Hazel and her learning. Hmmmmm.


  1. I so wish I could homeschool. That said, I know I COULD technically, if I were to leave the Homestead and move into a smaller house so I wouldn't have to teach to pay the mortgage. But I also recognize that a lot of days here are just plain crazy and I know that it would be hard...depends on the ma, depends on the child. There is so much support out there for sure to contact Maureen at Twig and Toadstool, as she's a real dynamo in our local homeschooling community. You can CERTAINLY do it...and I could be a resource for you in the "system" if you're worried about not covering what needs to be covered...

  2. I know how you feel, but I am going to do it. I just hope that I do a good enough job. If the resources are available then go for it. I know many folks doing it here and they say it is easy as your child knows what they want and you follow their lead and fill in the rest if need be. I have the utmost faith in you. For lack of better advice, if I can do it you can CERTAINLY do it!! xo W