Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

It is a source of wonder to me, how big this province of mine is. It boggles my mind how one can cross Quebec and Nova Scotia in less time than it takes to drive through the province of Ontario. Granted, my experience driving north has been limited to Kenora (24 hours drive) once and Sault Ste. Marie on three occasions (11 hours). The size and scope of it leads my mind to wondering how on earth the land get did anyone tackle crossing the territory without the benefit of automated did the farms get established after what must have been an exhausting journey? Like I said, it boggles my mind.
While it is a long drive, the view from the window of the car is a thing of beauty. Rocks, trees, wildflowers, wildlife for hours and hours. Plus, with audio books and knitting to pass the time, I would venture to say it was a pleasant drive there, and only slightly less so on the way home (we were feeling the pull).
We spent time both in town and at the family camp ( it seems as though those in Northern Ontario prefer the term "camp" to cottage) on Batchawana Bay which is part of Lake Superior. The beaches are so unlike any we see here in Southern Ontario. It is a rock collectors dream, and I found myself poking around along the shore doing just that. I brought back only one bag of rocks and driftwood though.
We hung out with family, explored St. Joe's Island and ate and drank more than we should have....a wonderful week of holidays.
Now we are back, and slowly returning ourselves to our everyday lives. It does feel good to be home.


  1. Oh, those beautiful rounded bits of the Canadian Shield...I could just take sacks of them home! We drove to BC (6 of us in a car) when I was 10...I've never forgotten that trip, and Northern Ontario resonates with a long-ago part of me. So rough, and so lovely, without the verdant softness I'm used to here in the Valley. Just read "The Other Side of the Bridge" by Mary might like it. Aside from being a damn good story, she so captures the beauty of the north.

  2. I see your little girl playing with the rocks. We just had a similar holiday.

    Welcome back!