Monday, August 9, 2010

Random beauty

Although it may not appear so in this shot, this lovely old cookstove is the most wonderful shade of yellow. Also, it was made in Renfrew, Ontario...which for those of you who don't know, is almost 10 hours away from Sault Ste. Marie. How did this big, heavy stove make it all the way up north? I suppose that woodstoves are kind of in the same predicament as one time our country produced lots of both but as society became more modern these became not so important to the mainstream.

Pretty old books gracing the equally pretty bookshelves. Some of the books have been on the shelves as long as the shelves have been there. And is there a more perfect game in the world than Pictionary? I doubt it.

Good old Lake Superior. As one Canadian songster once said "Superior they said never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy". To me, this photo gives me that eerie feeling, so perfectly.

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