Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This time last year.

I am not sure who I can contact about such things, but does anyone know who is in charge of time dashing by at lightening speed? I need to talk to someone about this....I have some issues. An information desk? Can I take a number? Can I wait on hold?
How can summer possibly be nearing its end already? It's not that we haven't done most of the things we set out to do....
1. Reading...lots of reading - check
2. Enjoy the days without time constraints or watches - happily check
3. Build sandcastles, lots of sandcastles - check and check.
I suppose endless fun (once the major heatwave passed!) is part of the reason for it going so fast. I am thankful for our days.
As I am sometimes prone to do, I was reminiscing today about this time last year. We were bracing ourselves for some pretty big milestones....Hazel leaving us in the mornings for school, Raine starting her first year of middle school, and Abbey not being a "minor niner" anymore and growing into her Grade ten-ness. To take our minds off these things, we went on a hike at the Estate of Mackenzie King in Chelsea, Quebec. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this man, he was the tenth Prime Minister of Canada, and his face now graces the 50 dollar bill....not that I would have any idea what one of THOSE looks like.
Spread out throughout the property are grand gardens, as well as interesting bits of stone architecture that he collected and had shipped and rebuilt here from various parts of the globe.

A very cool way to spend a day. And of course, the views Gatineau Park are stunning from wherever you look.

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  1. It looks like a lovely time enjoyed with your family!
    and yes... just how did summer go by so quickly!?