Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We love the things that summer brings

I can't remember a time when we have taken our summer holidays all in a row. In the past we tended to approach the planning of holidays by strategically figuring out when the long weekends fall, and booking time around them. While these types of holidays are great for providing some basic rest and relaxation, this years provided us with the soul and mind replenishing rest we didn't even know we were missing. If I have my way and the fates will allow, this years scenario will be our new norm.
As you may know, we spent week 1 visiting our family in Sault Ste. Marie. And a great holiday it was. There are piles of rocks and driftwood plopped around the house to remind us.
Week 2 was a different sort of holiday...for me anyhow. Week 2 brought me closure on a number of things that have been plaguing my "to-do" list for many a long month. While papa and Hazel spent time doing what they love to do best (visiting museums of different sorts), I was given the chance to finally put the finishing touches on Abbey's room. You see, last fall was spent insulating the exterior wall in her bedroom. As these things usually go when I am involved, they are brought to the point where they are usable and pretty, but the finishing details get cast aside....only to turn over in my mind at 4:00 in the morning when I can't sleep. So, I took a good chunk of a day and finished the trim around the window as well as around the closets...painting, cutting, installing and then painting again. Her room is complete, except for the new curtains that need to go up. Isn't it a pretty room for a teenager? (Or possibly the sewing room of a mama who has a daughter in university...not that I am wishing for that!).

I also found some time to finally sew some new cushions for our couch. Fall inspired for sure, but not surprising since I love autumn and all it stands for. And it is around the corner....I am sneaking peaks of it everywhere. Most notably in the perfectly perfect night-time sleeping temperatures.

With all this free brain space what will I do next summer?


  1. Cute cushion covers! I get the feeling that I can never really relax because of the many overwhelming tasks (namely, sorting, purging, painting, and decorating) on my to-do list. I'm exhausted before I even begin. Trust me, by next summer, you'll have a whole new list! Love the paint colour in Abbey's room...very sophisticated and classic!

  2. GORGEOUS room for Abby - very sophisticated! Fabulous pillow too! I hope that this two weeks is the beginning of a life-time trend of two week summer vacations. They rock - I find them centre-ing... after a break, I can dive back into life-work feeling refreshed and recharged too.